Bio 2018

I am an Artist and qualified Architect. After spending 10 years working in London, I returned with my family to Northern Ireland to pursue my interest in ceramics and art.

My range of distinctive ceramic work includes a varied range of sized vessels that relate to the ordered, defined industrial landscape which having degraded over time and in many instances fallen foul of the inevitable…nature. My work is highly expressive and explores colour, surface texture, form, detail of edge and line to create a depth of surface that reflects decay. Jennifer’s vessels can be approached as artworks, as much as ceramic forms.

My current work is committed to making one-off vessels which are hand built formed slabs. The scored and often ordered design is enhanced through various firings with slips, mono print, underglazes, engobes, oxides, enamels, glazes, lustres and enamels. My approach has been driven by our lost industries giving way to nature. This has been developed though slab built pots, their forms being derived from often classically shaped vessels with a contemporary edge.

I was born in Northern Ireland in 1970. My career as a potter, although short, is robust as a result of my architectural design background which underpins my current work. As a student, I studied architectural design from 1988 until 1995 at Oxford Brookes University, Dundee University, Royal University of Copenhagen and finally finishing at Southbank University in London. This varied design education is key to my structured approach but maintains a free, powerful and often abstract finish.