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Faughan Valley

Faughan Valley

Commission public art – for Woodland Trust

The birds, Faughan Valley: This commission, for the Woodland Trust will create an artwork for the Faughan Valley ancient Woodlands Sculpture Trail. We designed a sculptural work that represented a large murmuration of swifts in the sky for the commemoration of the fallen in WW2. The artwork is designed to be eye-catching, impactful but sensitive creating an uplifting sense of wonder.

The brief stipulated a brief of a 25-year minimum lifespan which we met using a mixture of galvanised steel and stainless steel similar to our proposal for this commission. The materials are chosen for strength and durability but also to allow the vertical structural elements to recede into the background while the birds become the focus. These rods support the glorious swarm of birds that appear to flock in the sky

The judges recognised our sculpture, citing it to be of the highest quality with a broad international appeal that demonstrated sensitivity to the natural environmental and acknowledged the importance of this ancient woodland setting, as well as linking to Derry City & Strabane District Council’s tourism strategy, demonstrated a clear intention to drive the local economy forward